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The following links will take you to calculators developed by the Martin Bros. Team.

'Mapping the Future' Calculator - This spreadsheet illustrates the power of regular contributions over time to your super fund or savings account. Forecast portfolio returns with a fixed rate of return.

Income Tax Calculator  - Link to ATO Income Tax Calculator

Fee Calculator - Calculate estimated management fees on for the Martin Bros. service.

The following links will take you to a variety of calculators provided by, an Australian information provider for financial and investment services.

InfoChoice Calculator - Calculator Home Page.

Home Loan Borrowing Power - Calculate how much you can borrow.

Home Loan Repayments - Calculate repayments required on a home loan.

Home Stamp Duty - Calculate Stamp Duty on buying a property.

Home Loan Principle & Interest - Calculate principle and interest components on loan repayments.

Term Deposits - Calculate projected earnings on term deposits.

Savings - Calculate savings using a regular deposits plan.
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