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Superannuation is still a very tax effective way to save for retirement and is one area where people should ensure their money is working as hard as possible. There are four questions you should ask yourself about your superannuation - 1. Who is my superannuation money with. 2. How is my superannuation money invested. 3. What are the fees on my superannuation policy and 4. Is all of my superannuation money consolidated into one account.

If you do not know the answer to any of these questions then you should find out today. Superannuation is often neglected by many people because they cannot 'touch' the money until they retire, therefore this creates complacency. But remember - when you retire, there are no more pay cheques!

The area of superannuation is complicated, particularly when it comes time to retire. There are thousands of pages of legislation governing superannuation laws and these are constantly changing.

Superannuation is an area that if structured properly before retirement, can substantially increase your after tax income. However, those that do not seek professional help may be missing out and will never be aware of what they COULD be achieving.

Alternatively, if you are just starting out working or have been working for a number of years but not close to retiring, it is equally important that your superannuation is working as hard as possible for you. A small difference in return over a ten, twenty or thirty year period can mean tens of thousand of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars difference in your end benefit available at retirement.

Please contact us if you would like to ensure your superannuation is been as effective as it could be in growing towards your retirement.

If you'd like to learn more about superannuation, visit our education page.

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