Please find below a list of previous Martin Bros. Monitors. 

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December – A big divergence in market sector valuations

September – When safe haven investments turn into pure speculation; Tax changes

June – The old “Bad ne sis good news” cycle again; tax changes

March – Batten Down the (Economic) Hatches, Australian Property Update 


December – Cheap stocks but patience required; Xmas hamper competition; ASX Christmas hours 

September – The ghosts of GFC Past 

June – The Trump train continues; Budget Changes 2018/19 FY 

March – Labour’s attack on tax credits explained; ASX Easter hours 


December – The Quietest year in 50 years; Xmas Hamper Competition; ASX Christmas hours 

September – The trend is your friend – Until it’s not; Investor Education – Fixed Interest Securities 

June – Burning a hole in my pocket; Concessional contributions before 30 June 

March – A Trump kind of 2017; Superannuation changes; ASX Easter hours


December – An Early Santa Rally & A Trump Kind of 2017, ASX Market Hours – Festive Season

September – A Tulip, A Tulip, $500,000 For Your Tulip; September Seasonality

June – Expect the Unexpected – Which No One Did With Brexit, What is Bitcoin?

March – “When My Information Changes, I Change My Conclusions”, Seven Group Preference Shares


December – Another Year – Many Changes But Still the Same

September – Seasonal Jitters, Wesfarmers Limited

June – Is the Chase for Yield Over?, Superannuation Contributions

March – The Illusion of BIG Numbers, Yield Compression


December – 2014 – The Year That Was, Hamper Competition

September – Short Term & Long Term, Medibank Private, New Contribution Caps from 2014/15 FY

June – Where’s the Volatility?, QBE, Federal Budget changes, Superannuation Contributions

March – Market Predictions for 2014, BKW, Superannuation Changes


December – The Santa Claus Rally & US Tapering, WOW, Name Change, Hamper Competition

September – Seasonal Headwinds = Opportunity, IPL, It’s a Boy!

June – The End of the Australian Dollar Party, NAB, Superannuation Contributions

March – A China Crash? – The Last Great Hope of the Bears, BHP, Mortgage Rates – To Fix or Not To Fix


December – The Buyers Are Back and The RBA Have Listened, SVWPA, Xmas Hamper Competition

September – Thank You RBA, BKW, Our New Office

June – A Genuine Buyers Strike, WBB, Beware Superannuation Contribution Limit Changes for 2012/13

March – The Road Rather Not Travelled, ASX Easter Trading Hours


December – Oxymoron, Christmas Hamper Competition

September – Uncertainty Prevails, Martin Bros. video

August – Special Edition, Uncertainty is winning… for now

June – … and the trading band continues, NFNG, Super Co-Contribution, Concessional Contributions

March – How is 2011 shaping up?, OST, Glossary of Terms


December – How is 2011 shaping Up?, QBE, Christmas Hamper Competition

September – Always Back Fundamentals, Efficient Market Theory, Stock Review – BKW

June – RSPT Bad Timing, Paperlinx Step Up, Super Co-Contribution, Concessional Contributions

March – Stock Market Over Time, NFNG, Protecting Against Inflation


December – 2009 In Review, Forecasts For 2010, BOQ, Thank You

September – Recession, What Recession?, MIG, Name Change to Morgans

June – What a difference a Quarter Makes, TLS, Super Co-Contribution

March – Market Direction Over Time, SOL Revisited, Insights from Warren Buffet


December – Our Outlook for 2009, WBB

October – Special Bulletin

September – Normal Markets – Part 3, SOL, S&P ASX 200 Forecasts by Market Participants

June – Normal Markets – Part 2?, RCY, Super Co-Contribution

March – Normal Markets?, CEU, US Markets Earnings Outlook


December – Living in a Food Deficit World, WBB

September – China – Will the Boom Ever End?, SUN, Salary Sacrifice

June – Our View on the Markets (Part 2), BKI, He’s Alive!

March – Our View on the Markets (Part 1), MFF, Are you ready for June 30?, Budget Update


December – Private Equity – Good or Bad?, WBB

September – Even Cheaper Petrol on the Way?, RCY, Salary Sacrifice Explained

June – Lower Returns With Higher Volatility, SHL, Budget Update – What a Budget it Was!

March – Risk Management – It’s About Staying True to Yourself, Super Splitting is Simply Super


December – Is the Market Running Out of Puff?, SEVPC

September – Black Gold – Supply & Demand or Speculators?, TCL, Child Allocated Pensions

June – Avoiding Profit Downgrades, Investing in Growing Income Streams, SPEL, Budget Updates

March – Reporting Season Summary, Tips & Traps of Structuring Your Home Loan or Investment Loan


December – The Bull Market – Will It End?, WHF

September – Reporting Season Summary, FOA, Changes to Retirement Benefits From Superannuation

June – Housing Prices? Interest Rates? What’s Happening?, TRU, Budget Update

March – Investor Psychology & The Media, SUN


December – Rate Rises and the Property Market – What Does it Mean?, ANZ

September – Graphs – Market Turnaround Update, ANZ StEPS, Wine Update, Quantitative Strategy

June – A Bounce or Worse Than 1929 (Part 2), Westpac Office Trust, Tax Time – Now or Never!

March – A Bounce or Worse Than 1929 (Part 1), Timbercorp, Australian Quantitative Strategy


December – First Edition – Market Review & Preview, Banking Sector Research, Insurance Review