Fixed Interest, despite as the name suggests, is one of the most complicated areas of the financial markets to understand. Fixed interest in the ordinary meaning, as most people are familiar with, refers term deposits with a bank where you invest a fixed sum of money for a fixed period and receive a guaranteed rate of interest. This type of fixed interest is the easiest to understand as there are no variables. However, this type of investing usually provides the lowest return.

Fixed Interest investing today is a lot broader as more and more investments become available. Today fixed interest also includes hybrid fixed interest investments such as convertible notes, convertible preference shares and floating rate income securities. In addition, government, semi government and corporate bonds are available to retail investors at an ever increasing rate. Bonds can be quite complicated to understand and is covered in our educational section of this website.

We have the ability to advise on all areas of fixed interest investing and often makes up an important part of our clients portfolio by enabling us to structure this asset class to maximise their returns.

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