Our financial planning service enables you to chart the most effective course to help you achieve your financial goals. Once designed, this plan will form the foundation for providing a way to measure your progress towards your goals, whilst remaining flexible enough to alter as circumstances dictate, such as your personal or financial situation and/or investment markets.

Importantly, our comprehensive annual review process ensures you remain on track and are kept informed and involved so that you feel a part of the responsibility, and reward, of committing to achieving your financial goals.

Our financial planning process is independent as we do not belong to any financial product provider and are free to use any investment product we feel is best for our clients. As part of the financial planning process we consider all of the services detailed in this section as and when they are appropriate to your circumstances.

Please refer to the Prospective Client’s section of this website for further information on fees and charges.

As the financial planning process is very comprehensive, we request prospective clients bring with them to their first meeting, information on their superannuation benefits, investments, incomes, annual expenditure, liabilities and personal insurance. Importantly, prior to the meeting we ask that you think about your financial goals and objectives. For example, purchasing a home in five years, retiring at age 55, retiring on $40,000 per annum, purchasing a 45ft yacht at age 48.

During our meeting we will take down these details and ask you other questions as well as listening to any questions, concerns or issues that you would like addressed. Attached is an example of the financial planning questionnaire which we will run through in the first meeting. Feel free to print this off and begin to fill it in prior to the meeting, if you wish.

Please contact us if you would like to speak to us about the financial planning process in more detail, or to arrange an appointment.

If you’d like to learn more about financial planning, visit our education page.