Self managed superannuation funds (SMSF) and their popularity continue to grow rapidly in Australia. SMSF provide an alternative to retail, industry or corporate superannuation funds which tend to be more managed investment based.

The biggest benefit of SMSF’s is the ability to control your investments, by allowing you to invest directly in the sharemarket, property market, bond market or even via managed funds. This ability means that through a prudent long term strategy and regular monitoring to ensure the strategy is been adhered to, you can increase returns and reduce your overall tax payable by the fund. SMSF’s also provide great estate planning opportunities and control.

The greatest problem with the majority of SMSF’s in Australia though is that the vast majority under-perform due to two main reasons:

  • The trustees are too active with their investment approach.
  • The trustees do not have sufficient time to monitor and keep track of the superannuation funds investments.

We work with our clients who have a SMSF to ensure they have a compliant investment strategy to meet the SIS Act requirements but more importantly that we have a clear long term investment approach and that we stick to it!

In helping to manage our clients SMSF we not only monitor the funds investments and communicate with them regularly, but provide all of the funds administration requirements including processing dividend receipts, recording and acting on corporate actions, processing asset transactions, quarterly portfolio reporting and annual consolidated tax statements.

Our service is designed to help people with SMSF’s avoid the two reasons most under-perform, by providing prudent and focused investment management and removing the time burden of administering your SMSF in a compliant and easy to monitor manner.

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